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Best Giver of Gifts

There is a lot of pressure when buying a gift. You’re putting yourself out there by handing something over to someone that you picked out. Whether you know this person well or not doesn’t really matter because you still want the recipient to enjoy the gift they receive.

What type of gifter are you? There are those that dread having to buy a gift for someone, anyone. This is because they don’t enjoy the experience of shopping or just don’t know what to buy that this person will actually like. The experience from beginning to end isn’t enjoyable and often happens at the last minute.

There is the gifter who likes shopping for themselves and others at the same time! Nothing wrong with picking up a gift for yourself along with that someone special. This gifter also snaps the photo and texts a gift idea to their significant other, “idea for me ;)”

There is also the gifter who likes to take their time and buy something unique. They want to get a gift that really suits the recipient because they thoroughly enjoy the act of giving.

Buying a gift doesn’t have to be work. Juniper offers plenty of different options for different ages, occasions and budgets. Juniper boxes your gift and sends you on your way to be the person at the party who claims title of “Best Giver of Gifts.”

Peruse our Gifting Guide for some ideas.

You can purchase in-store or find some of these items in our online shop. For curbside pick-up use code: FREEGIFTSHIP

As always, you can call the shop to place your order by phone: 585-471-5656

Happy Gifting!