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Indie Author Spotlight: Becky Ferrigno

Our first Featured Indie Author is Becky Ferrigno who lives in Irondequoit, NY. Becky is an author on a mission to write about children and adults who overcome adversity and live incredible lives. Her work on sensory processing disorder and parenting have been featured on The Mighty, (Now Motherly), and Her View from Home. 

Her first children’s book, Blazing A Trail: The Story of Minna Anthony Common (Pocket Jennifer Publishing, August 2019) tells the story of a New York Times columnist, self-taught botanist and literal blazer of trails. She is also the author of Across the Water: Teaching Irish Music At Home and Abroad (R&L Education, 2010). Becky has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Music Education and has been a public school educator for the last 14 years.

Becky’s newest book is Blazing A Trail: The Story of Minna Anthony Common (Pocket Jennifer Publishing, August 2019) is a narrative non-fiction children’s book that recognizes a north country woman whose vast contributions to nature education and botany have been virtually unexplored.

Minna Anthony Common was born in 1882 in Watertown, NY. From the beginning, she was different from her peers. Her mother died within a month of her birth and grief-ridden, her father left, never to return again. Raised by her grandmother in Watertown, she was denied the opportunity to go use her full-tuition scholarship to St. Lawrence University and pursue her dreams. Despite all odds, she persevered to become a botanist, a nationally respected bird watcher, a New York Times author, a nature education advocate, and a literal blazer of trails. Today, the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center at Wellesley Island State Park serves as a reminder of her accomplishments. 

Visit Becky and hear a reading at our first Book Signing Event- Saturday, April 18 at 11-12pm. Purchase your signed copy!