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Why Community is Important to the Small Business Owner

My father ran an independent real estate business my entire life. For the first years of my life the business was in an office adjoining our home. There was hustle and bustle of agents and clients coming and going. After he moved locations, I would often visit the office and my dad would take me on various appointments and errands for the business.

Owning a small business is a family affair. There are long days and working on holidays. I saw first-hand the sacrifices my dad made to continually provide a high level of customer service and to keep the business thriving. What I also came to learn as I got older and joined the family business is why he kept up with it all those years.

It is extremely rewarding to build a business and serve your community. I have really enjoyed helping my fellow community members throughout the past 17 years, and with the opening of Juniper, I am able to provide a completely different experience.

Juniper is founded on the premise that community is everything to a small business. Our goal is to provide a place to shop, explore, and meet others in the community. Our workshops are a place to learn something new and spend time with friends or co-workers. Connection is key today, and we want to provide a new way to experience and enjoy your life and locale.